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A look at a Power Designs TP340

It’s fair to say that I’ve been an electronics hobbyist for almost two decades, yet during that expanse of time I’ve never owned a “real” lab bench power supply. At home I got away with wall-warts, ATX supplies, and homebrew … Continue reading

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HP 3456A Repair, Part 1

What did you do last summer? It was kinda a long time ago, right? Well, I did some stuff that I wrote up and never got around to publishing. For me, last summer was the summer of aspirational Volt-Nuttery, which involved … Continue reading

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MicroZed: First Impressions

I finally got my MicroZed (in Avnet leadtime, apparently 1 week means 4 weeks) so I gave it a spin. I was pleased to see that the package included a retail-packaged 4GB Kingston microSD card, and a very nice Monoprice … Continue reading

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Zedboard: UG873 chapters 2 and 3

I take it there are some official Zedboard tutorials out there somewhere, but I certainly don’t have the time or money to go to some in-person class. I also hate watching videos, so what’s the next best thing? UG873, which … Continue reading

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Zedboard: First impressions

I’m working on a project involving a MicroZed, but the ship date on that slipped, so I ended up getting a Zedboard as a “bonus.” First impressions: kinda frustrating. I followed the Getting Started card in the box, plugged it … Continue reading

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Stellaris LM3S6965 scratchpad #2

I’ve decided to pursue FreeRTOS on this board. Some notes: The stuff in webserver/httpd-fs doesn’t automatically get updated when you build in Eclipse. There’s a perl script (makefsdata) that turns those files into structs populating httpd-fsdata.c. To automate this, I … Continue reading

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Stellaris LM3S6965 scratchpad

I got a LM3S6965 dev board recently (TI EKT-LM3S6965) and I’m finally working on bringing it up. I’m pretty impressed by the on-board demo, a little maze game shown on the OLED screen that you can play with directional buttons (and … Continue reading

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